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A Music for Humanity and Love of Beauty

NEWSPosted by The Editorial Mon, August 01, 2011 08:09:52
A Pop-classic Duet in Persian and Turkish.

Composed by the late Iranian Singer and Songwriter 'Jamshid Sheybani ' (1922 - 2009), with no doubt "SIMIN BARI" is one of most popular songs in Middle East. After six decades this song is still on demand!

The first Persian – Turkish duet of ‘Simin Bari’ took place in Iran in 1970s, when The Turkish diva, Emel Sayin and the late Jamshid Sheybani performed that song on the national television along with Maestro Rohani on Keyboards. Emel Sayin’s visit was in fact due to a fund raising tour benefiting the victims of a devastating earthquake in Turkey and fostering cultural exchange.

After nearly 35 years, Mosi Dorbayani, PhD of The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media – WAALM facilitated a duet of this song for the second time with Turkish rising star, Ersin Faikzade, featuring the legendary Persian Pop-tenor, Oratorio singer Sattar.

Regarding this collaboration and song artists say:

Sattar:I had the privilege of performing ‘Simin Bari’ live before its creator, the late Mr. Sheybani in 2007 in London and in 2009 in Los Angles during an event honoring his contribution to the Persian music. On both occasions he personally insisted me to perform this masterpiece on stage for the audience. The late Sheybani is with no doubt one of the major figures in history of Persian Pop-classics, who made a dramatic changed in the Persian music back in late 40s and 50s and he played a major role in modern Persian music in the 70s.

I am particularly in love with Simin Bari’ s lyrics, , which is indeed a distinguished one in Persian pop. When WAALM Academy suggested me to do this duet, I accepted it with pleasure. I believe Ersin Faikzade is a talented singer and I hope that the great people of Turkey as well as the rest of the world would enjoy this duet.”

Ersin Faikzade: “This Persian music has a special place in my heart because it talks about ‘Love’ and ‘Passion’. Undoubtedly it is one of the most popular songs in our region and very well received by people of Turkey in the past. I had the chance to perform this song on different occasions on several Turkish TV networks and the feedback from the viewers were awesome.

Here, my greatest honour is that I am recording it with the legendary Maestro of Persian music, Sattar, who played and important role in the world of music, not to say that I also admire him for his contribution to the humanity. My special thanks to WAALM Academy for their stellar job in promoting Cultural Diplomacy, Peace and Dialogue. Similarly I hope that the great people of Iran and everybody in love music around the world would enjoy this duet. ”

In a joint statement Ersin Faikzade, Sattar and WAALM dedicated this forthcoming song to: “Humanity and Love of Beauty

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